Seriously... It's really random o-o


The Randomness of Jay 

... but welcome anyway to this completely random but totally fun web site for all ages :)

Click the play button on the audio bar below to hear one of my favorite songs; it's called "Shiver," and it's the opening to one of the greatest animes ever: Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) :3                   V V V V V

黒執事 (Black Butler)

Welcome to my tiny piece of cyberspace :)

This site will probably not have anything to do with moonlight, as the URL might have suggested, or anything specific at all, but it will be a site with games, clean jokes, and cool stories. Please comment on anything as no one ever comes here and I would love the company! :)

Be sure to push the red button at the bottom of the next section. It's completely random, of course. :)

I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET MP3 MUSIC! I mean without buying anything... here's the link for the site that turns any youtube video into an mp3 file that uploads to iTunes when you click on the finished download. The other button (Best Song Ever) is a song that I couldn't find anywhere online until I searched it with Anime Lyrics. As the title of the button implies, this is one of the best songs ever. (Yes, yes it is Japanese. But it's Japanese RAP. Yeeees...) I would put a song bar thing here with the mp3 file that I FINALLY found, but I'm publishing this from a friend's brother's computer, so I don't have it... :3 How weird.

Aaaand now it says I have no more room on my site. Vunderbar.

I recently found out that you don't have to publish the site to save it.... (wow that took me a long time) HEHEHEH Now I can do things behind your backs! *evil hand rubbing*

  • This one is my favorite... just makes me want to take a deep breath of crisp, clean air. :)
    This one is my favorite... just makes me want to take a deep breath of crisp, clean air. :)
  • Peaceful...
  • Either mysteriously elegant or fairly creepy... you decide. :P
    Either mysteriously elegant or fairly creepy... you decide. :P


For explanation please go to the cool links page and look under the links on the left. Thank you.

Thanks for giving your input. If you had a question, I'll email you back soon. If you had a comment or suggestion, I'll munch on what you said and maybe put your idea to work! :P
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Updates and News

I don't get around to working on this site very often, but if I DO make a major change it will be posted here! :)

So I did this project on Japan, and I thought it was kinda good, soooo here it is. As an itty bitty picture. With pictures. PICTURECEPTION! I will probably in a few seconds be posting the text in my blog, so if you need to use it or whatever that's where you'll find it. And possibly a word document.

Nope, no word document, but I did post the text and can apparently put links to recent blog posts here! :D Guess which one is my Japan project's text... ;)

Oh, and when I said a 'few' links, I really meant 54. Give or take a couple. ;D

by Jay Williams | 0 comments
by Jay Williams | 0 comments
by Jay Williams | 0 comments

Soooo I was derping around on the internet trying to do some homework, when I randomly stumble across the idea of alt keys. (oops... just got caught by my teacher on here...) Anyway so apparently you can

I'm very happy to say that I've completely changed my website design! ^///^ I think it looks much better than before with all the rainbows... that and I think now I won't have to worry about my friends about getting seizures when I want to show them my site! :) I really, really like this design, so I used it in the title of the whole website and on one of the individual title pages. I want to say it was the cool links page but I'm not really sure...                  ======>

These two (^^^&>>) are some other design features I was thinking about putting on here, but as I didn't want the background to look repeated, they didn't make the cut. I searched for a cool design that links to itself to make a big background. If you noticed the logo on the zebra print (I just did today), I'll probably get around to editing that off. Someday. Please don't sue me for having it/thinking about changing it! <:) I really love it! <3 Thanks whoever made it!

Is it weird that I like black roses? I don't know... I just find them fascinating and mysterious and beautiful <3 I can't be the only one, right? :)

I'm really excited about this site now; apparently many of my friends have come and almost all that did tried and loved the Riddle School games that I put links for in the "Games" page! :) Thanks all of you, that really made my day! Here's a quick link to the game.

I ACTUALLY HAVE A FACEBOOK NAO o-o It still makes my site look more sophisticated to have this comment section piece thingy :3 Ok so nothing could make it look sophisticated, it's sitting next to Charlie the Unicorn for Pete's sake...


I hope you enjoy my site! :)