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Posted by Jay Williams on May 3, 2013 at 6:40 PM

      While this site is featured in my 'cool links' page (with a link, of course :) ;), I wanted to explain a bit more about it here. And, you know, the 20 starcoins I get for posting this link (Le link: games for girls) don't hurt ;) . So, basically Stardoll is a:

" browser game that mixes elements of social networking, fashion and entertainment. You have the exciting chance to dress like celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Heidi Montag, Anna Wintour and Kim Kardashian," whoever they are... "Copy the styles of famous actresses, singers, models, athletes, royalty, and other role models. Not only can you imitate your favorite idols, but you can also dress in clothing hot off the runway. Experience the Elle Spring collection, the MKA Spring/Summer collection and the Vivienne Tam Fall collection." ...Vivienne? How do you say that exactly? V-V-N? :P


"When you join the browser game Stardoll you are given your very own room, which you can decorate in any way you want to, as well as a fun welcoming gift of 60 Stardollars in order to kick-start your shopping spree! Complete your personal profile with information about your hobbies, and what kind of Stardoll you are. You also have the chance to make new friends from all corners of the globe at the various social events, clubs and parties. Share styling and beauty tips, catch up on the latest celebrity gossip, or just relax after a long day with your new friends in Stardoll."


In the free-to-play browser game Stardoll you can test your game prowess with a huge selection of fun, relaxing and challenging mini-games. Create your own universe with meditative music in the Night Sky mini-game, test your star knowledge with the Celeb Quiz and Snapshot mini-games, or design your very own mansion in the Doll House mini-game. Dress like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus in this fun social online game."

Ok you probably didn't read that all so WHO WANTS A SUMMARY? :D

Stardoll is a site where you can dress up your doll, dress up celeb dolls, decorate your 'suite', buy and apply make-up to your doll, buy new clothes and furniture for your doll and suite, 'make friends' (A.K.A. "hi wanna b my frend? xoxo lol!!!11!1"  "... sure?"), and do other random fun stuff. :)

... "None of our links were found on your given URL" ...

Vunderbar. Alrighty how about these?

dress up

dress up games

games for girls

dress up dolls

Lessee now...

Nope. Wow, thanks, Stardoll. I really appreciate the support here, while I put all 4 of your links here and you were just all like "woah hey you have links cool IDGAFluff bye!" :mad: NICE

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