Seriously... It's really random o-o


The Randomness of Jay 

... but welcome anyway to this completely random but totally fun web site for all ages :)

Ok, so here's a new site I discovered from a picture on Apparently dolphins can and will attack and kill humans. Some go around in gangs and may even cary switchblades. They will taunt you with backflips and horrible laughing that has scarred some for life. The Anti-Dolphin site has a human anthem and symbol, too. Beware of dolphin sonar, as it is very powerful and very harmful. If you are depressed about this, just remember that:

  • You are a human.
  • You have opposable thumbs.
  • You can stand upright.
  • You rule! >:3

*This is obveously a joke site so please do not get offended; no one is actually hurting the dolphins.

Thanks for your suggestion :) If you wanted a reply, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me soon... unless I'm buried under a mountain of homework, in which case it might take me a few centuries to email you back.
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Just filling the space :)> Plus I love dropdown forms ^///^

Anata no Koe ga Iroaseyou Tomo, Meiyaku no Uta ga Sono mune ni Todokimasu you ni
黒執事 (Black Butler)

Some of my creations on the interior design part of stardoll:

Someone else did this amazing one below (Remember, these are all made from basic objects and few options)

For my friends who may come to this site:


ANYwhozees, by "the link," I mean this one for the actual sheet music:

Wait, better yet, I'll just put a button :D I LOVE BUTTONS!

Anchorage Alaska

ALASKAAAA! ^///^ I WILL move there!

Why is my gorgeous button in pink you ask? Because I hate pink.

Why is it a cow? Do I hate cows? Do I have something against dairy products? No. It is a cow because it is a cow. Nothing more, nothing less. Let's just leave it at that for now. *Evil Grin*

OOOOH and by the way, for all you anime haters out there, yes, this is a song from an anime. HOWEVER, it is  an ah-mah-zahng song and YOU WILL PLAY IT ON YOUR FLUTE if you have one. Below is just the demonstration of how the song is supposed to sound.

>:D ENJOY!!!

Tip: On this page, the audio player is on the bottomish left for now, so if you don't want to hear the random music, or are listening to the video above, that's where to look to pause it.

Details For Links


H2O is an awesome show about these three girls who turn into mermaids. ...Its better than it sounds. Anyway, this link goes to a site with no surveys or downloads to get in, and the only catch is limited adds. I just watched all 3 seasons :) Enjoy!


 A game site with online games and downloadable games for your computer or iPhone.


This may seem little-kiddish when you first get on, but plenty of people in their 20s and  (sometimes) 30s love this fashion world!


I hope everyone knows this awesome radio (online and on iPhones/iPod touches), because I live under a rock and I know it! :P This link brings you to more free music than you've ever seen before, ANYWHERE (Well, besides iTunes, but all the songs you listen to on Pandora can be baught on itunes with a link from the webste). So, rock on! :)

Poptropica: A fun game site for every age, from five to 83! Ok maybe not EVERY age... Visit different islands and go on fun mysterious, exciting adventures, like finding the secrets of the ghost island, or sailing around in a pirate ship! (I know, I know... getting a little too ad worthy, but hang with me :) I'm just trying to make it sound as fun as possible (which, believe me, it is!))

Crazy taxi:

A simple yet uber addicting game found everywhere. Jump over or go around cars in your crazy taxi and get to the checkpoint before time runs out! Did I mention that it's extremely addicting?


This is a game site full of different good quality games, and also includes multiple links to virtual worlds such as club penguin or woozworld.

The last one for now is called Avenue7 and it is a fashion website a little like stardoll, but you look at real life clothes and make outfits* out of them instead of have an apartment and everything in Stardoll. (

*By making outfits I mean take random pictures from there data thing and put them with other random pictures of clothing to show all the different parts of the outfit.

Now, these are not links that I have put on the side, and I am too lazy to describe them in detail, but these are also some fun sites with tiny descriptions: (A fun collection of games for girls) (A virtual dating story; kind of a pick your own path thing) (Boring Photos+Epic Captions=Taste of Awesome) (pretty much a collection of small worlds created by the owners of the site and other players) (Used to be 2d and awesome, now 3d and much less awesome but still pretty fun) (a site with a bunch of AWESOME creation games; my favorite is the Game of Thrones game that is the first one in the fantisy tab. CHECK IT OUT!)

Then of course there are the little kids favorites that for the most part don't need describing: (Horse site where you can care for and ride your horse and do quests and scavenger hunts, though it gets REAAALLY boring if your impatient like me...)

I now realize how much better my current stardoll person avitar thingie is... but seeing as msw'13 isn't going yet and I'm too lazy to try and photoshop it, I guess this face will be plastered on the site for a while!

However the outfit still stays one of my old favorites. :)

<a href=""

Yes, I have revised this. I don't like my user name so I changed the thing where it says "vote for me" because it used to say my username... I'm so skilled you can't even tell I changed it! ^///^

This is, as you can see from the icon in the corner, from stardoll. They're voting for Miss Stardoll World for 2012 right now, so I got bored and made a flyer thing. At 1:11 AM. While I'm supposed to be doing a biology project... ANYWAY so yes, I made a voting flyer. I don't care much about the contest but... all the other contestants have big fluffy hairdos, gaudy makeup... 'odd'  outfits, etc. :| Course now this avitar looks weird compared to my new one :P No one has to know...


See? The clock is correct! xD

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