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The Randomness of Jay 

... but welcome anyway to this completely random but totally fun web site for all ages :)

"Alright, get to work!" -Teacher
"Ok, I'll get to work... on my website >:D " - Me
I lerv school laptops :3
And now to play some Learn To Fly :D
Five For Fighting
100 Years Lyrics

Most of my games are in the 'Cool Links' section, but these are some of my other favorites.

Learn to Fly

This game is about a cute, angry penguin and his quest to fly. You use gliders, an iceberg slope, rockets, and a bunch of other upgrades to help you shoot for the stars.


Use the left and right arrow keys to angle the penguin up and down. Press the spacebar to use the rocket. Use the items in the shop to get more fuel for your rocket and upgrade your flight tools, starting height, wind resistance, and acceleration.

Riddle School

A point and click adventure game where you need to help Phil Eggtree escape a school where the school day never ends. This is a series, and each one is better and more detailed than the last; however, make sure to do them all in order, or you won't understand the plot of the series. 

Ps. Not all of the Riddle School games are in school; it's kind of elaborate, but play the games and you'll know what I mean ;P


Click around to find objects and perform actions that will help Phil escape the school.

(The rest of the Riddle School links are in the sidebar, along with a copy of this one.)

Filler :3

I don't have another game site or anything to recommend here at the moment, so Imma just talk about something I'm particularly fond of: food. One question I wanted to ask after watching a bunch of British people try American food was, "Why don't the British like Beef Jerky?"

I mean, come on, it's HEAVAN IN PLASTIC PACKAGES! xD I lovelovelovelovelove it! *Sigh...* Oh beef jerky... oh ambrosia of the gods... x3 *drooling* Y U SO DELICIOUS? Y U SO EXPENSIVE? :| I wish my mom would buy it more often. :( We rarely ever go to places they have good beef jerky brands for less than like $10 a package... oh lovely beef jerky, how I long for your sweet dried beefy flavor... mmmm...

Beef Jerky Link V V V

*If that link for Learn to Fly doesn't load well, then try this one. The site didn't work on this school laptop so that's why I'm giving another.

     Ok, so even though most of the games are in the cool links page, the direct links to some little games that I love are here. There's Skywire, for example. It's a cute little obstacle game (I guess that's what you would call it). The object of the game (both Skywire 1 and 2) is to get the cute little people to the other platform without losing any. In both games, you have three little people to get to the other side. If you hit an obstacle, one of your little people fall out. Try to get them to the other platform in the shortest amount of time to get more points. Usually I don't care about the points and just focus on the people, but it's up to you. :)

If this site is not entertaining then you've probably already died of a stroke. Btw, as requested about a year ago by Blakarrow5. xD


I've been so busy lately on here yeah

Skywire Preview:

Thanks for your input; if you requested a game, I'll check it out and see if I can put a link and info for it on my game page! :)
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Random Extras

:D These links shoud work; just click

Ok, so the image to the left is one of my origional creations from, and although it's definetly not one of my best, and I will be putting other works of mine up, I thought that this was alright for a little introduction on 'Game of Thrones Scene Maker.' So, basically what this is, is a creation game where you get to design characters and make a scene like this one (I personally think it's better to just take a screenshot of your work so you don't have to fit like 8 people all into this small of a shot).